Thursday, September 20, 2012


Mom you are the perfect example of Christlike service. Throughout my entire life you have always given of yourself and your talents for someone else. Whether it was making room in your already crowded house for a niece or a nephew in need of help, never whining or complaining about the lack of new shoes or clothes for yourself, making the best home bread along with flapjacks, you were always positive and supportive of your children. You mentored and raised daycare families along with your own. You were always so scared to drive in the snow—and even more scared to drive the old family cars. You baked your heart out on thanksgiving and christmas( Orange bread, plum pudding, almond paste swirl, pies, pies, pies). You are still mentoring and babysitting and serving, serving ,serving. Love ya Mom, thanks for all you do! Love, Anita, Ian and family

Dad you are the best example of hard work and faithfulness. You are one that never asks for a handout. You are always doing what it takes to support the family( those awesome Anderson genes). You gave the diligent effort to always have family home evening , scripture study and family prayer. As child I remember the piggy back rides you gave us down to bed and the wrestling matches on the living room floor. I remember weeding the garden in Fairview (not my favorite back then). You made the best fried potatoes (and me not even realizing it until I tried some later in life regretting all those years of missing out). I remember singing along with the guitar (A Fox Went Out on A Chilly Night and You Are My Sunshine). You are a great example of staying physically fit. Dad you're still working ,working, working. Dad you're amazing! Thanks for the great foundation you gave me.
Love you Dad. Love, Anita, Ian and family

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