Thursday, September 20, 2012


Mom you are the perfect example of Christlike service. Throughout my entire life you have always given of yourself and your talents for someone else. Whether it was making room in your already crowded house for a niece or a nephew in need of help, never whining or complaining about the lack of new shoes or clothes for yourself, making the best home bread along with flapjacks, you were always positive and supportive of your children. You mentored and raised daycare families along with your own. You were always so scared to drive in the snow—and even more scared to drive the old family cars. You baked your heart out on thanksgiving and christmas( Orange bread, plum pudding, almond paste swirl, pies, pies, pies). You are still mentoring and babysitting and serving, serving ,serving. Love ya Mom, thanks for all you do! Love, Anita, Ian and family

Dad you are the best example of hard work and faithfulness. You are one that never asks for a handout. You are always doing what it takes to support the family( those awesome Anderson genes). You gave the diligent effort to always have family home evening , scripture study and family prayer. As child I remember the piggy back rides you gave us down to bed and the wrestling matches on the living room floor. I remember weeding the garden in Fairview (not my favorite back then). You made the best fried potatoes (and me not even realizing it until I tried some later in life regretting all those years of missing out). I remember singing along with the guitar (A Fox Went Out on A Chilly Night and You Are My Sunshine). You are a great example of staying physically fit. Dad you're still working ,working, working. Dad you're amazing! Thanks for the great foundation you gave me.
Love you Dad. Love, Anita, Ian and family

Monday, September 17, 2012

I have a fond memory of mom when I was young too.  She would sing me to sleep at night when I was 3 or 4.  I think I still remember some of the songs like How much is the doggy in the window and maybe Frara Shaka?  Stuart
I have another fond memory of dad when I was young.  He grew out his beard because of a contest at work when we were in Fairview.  I remember it was a red beard.  I know there is a picture somewhere.  Anyway, I liked it!  I also enjoyed going hunting and fishing with dad when I was young. Stuart

Mother's Day when I was young

I remember a Mother's day years ago when I was a young boy--Maybe 6 or 7.  It seems like we all wanted to make it a special day.  I think Angela and I and maybe Chris got up early in the morning and cleaned the house and then we were nice all day long!  I think it was a special day and maybe Mom and Dad still remember that day.  Stuart

Thank You Mom!

So many memories at the cabin!
I remember one year when I was young we drove up to the cabin to celebrate my birthday, we brought a double decker cake, but by the time we had reached the cabin someone had sat on it! 
 I'm sure we all ate it anyway.
And still now as my children go to the cabin with the family it is a place of many wonderful family memories.

The mountains above Fairview have many memories, we really never went on vacations but I remember going up the canyon and picking elderberries and fishing, going on hikes with dad, riding horses and of course the cabin.  And getting our pictures taken in the purple flowers.

I especially love having the family Halloween parties, I love how you and dad dress up.  All those years that I loved dressing up for Halloween and it was just a few years ago that I saw you dress up for the first time!  Thanks Mom, the grandkids love it too!

Pretty soon we will have quite a collection of halloween photos.
Thank you mom for always being the glue that keeps us all together! 
For planning the monthly  dinners and doing the grandma days.
I want you to know that one of the things that you have always done for me is to LISTEN... I remember as a teenager sitting up late around the bar in the kitchen talking, and you listening.  You have always taken time to listen and give positive feedback.  I have felt I could pour my heart out to you because you would not judge or criticise me.  And I always knew that you would encouarage and support me.  Even today when I am almost 46 years old, I will call and just talk.  THANK YOU!
What a blessing to have such a dear mother.:)  I Love you.  Angela

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy 70th Mom!!! 
It has definitely been all of our pleasure to be your family and be recipients of all your gracious service and love!
Most of my favorite memories of you have to do with your thoughtfulness in making some kind of comfort food for me. (pies, soups, salsa, breads, cake, etc). There have been multiple times when you have made some kind of great food and either delivered it to me or invited me to come and enjoy it at your place. thank you very much for being thoughtful in sharing your time and talents to serve Jane and Jennifer and I! We all have been truly blessed to have such Great Parents!

Love Hyrum

Mom is stronger than I realized!

I’d like to share a couple of my favorite memories of mom. The memories are from our time in Roosevelt in the mid 1980’s. Back then we didn’t have a lot of money and we couldn’t afford to go to movies, go out to eat, or go on vacations (with the exception of the cabin trips and the family trip back east). Our family entertainment therefore consisted mostly of watching inter-sibling combat; including the regular use of tortuous wrestling holds and moves, constant bouts over the use and wearing of certain items of clothing, and of course the epic Anita v. Hyrum episodes. Mom, seeing the need for more wholesome and harmonious entertainment, took it upon herself to get a VCR for the family. There was no way we could afford to buy a VCR but there just happened to be an upcoming raffle/fundraising event that promised a state of the art VCR to the person who sold the most raffle tickets. Mom spent hours and hours of her precious time making sure she sold the most raffle tickets, which she did by a long way. She didn’t want the VCR so she could watch movies, which she rarely did, she wanted it to give us a little piece of luxury and a chance to spend some quality non-violent time together.

The second set of memories I’d like to share revolves around home-made bread. Mom would bake bread most days. I have very fond memories of coming home from elementary school to the smell of whole wheat bread just out of the oven. I remember how she would give me a warm slice of bread with butter and jam and would listen to stories about my day. Mom would also often make ‘flap-jacks’ (fried bread dough) with the left over dough, which I loved, especially once they were coated in powdered sugar. One of my earliest memories of mom is her letting me stir the flour into the bread dough. I remember thinking how hard it was, and that mom was much stronger than I realized. The older I get, the more I realize how strong she really was.

I want to end by saying that mom is the most positive, caring, selfless person I have known. I feel really lucky and privileged to have been raised by her and dad. Mom, thanks for your love, example, and sacrifice. Happy 70th. Here’s to another 30 years!


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Mom- One of my favorite memories of you is that I came home one day to a super clean room with little notes placed all around with things you liked about me.  I loved how you always made peanut butter and jelly or tuna fish sandwiches for an after school snack. You are the ultimate example of service to others. You have always put others first and I really admire you for that. I'm SO SO grateful that you were able to watch Paisley a couple days a week for the 2 years I worked. Paisley has a special bond with you and Love, Love LOVES her Grandma Sandy. Thank you for all you have done raising all of us kids, and continue to do. You are an AMAZING lady, and look great for 70!! 

Happy Birthday Mom we sure love you! 

LOVE: Amber, Kevin, Paisley and Capri

Paisley drew this picture and told me it was Grandma Anderson