Monday, September 17, 2012

Thank You Mom!

So many memories at the cabin!
I remember one year when I was young we drove up to the cabin to celebrate my birthday, we brought a double decker cake, but by the time we had reached the cabin someone had sat on it! 
 I'm sure we all ate it anyway.
And still now as my children go to the cabin with the family it is a place of many wonderful family memories.

The mountains above Fairview have many memories, we really never went on vacations but I remember going up the canyon and picking elderberries and fishing, going on hikes with dad, riding horses and of course the cabin.  And getting our pictures taken in the purple flowers.

I especially love having the family Halloween parties, I love how you and dad dress up.  All those years that I loved dressing up for Halloween and it was just a few years ago that I saw you dress up for the first time!  Thanks Mom, the grandkids love it too!

Pretty soon we will have quite a collection of halloween photos.
Thank you mom for always being the glue that keeps us all together! 
For planning the monthly  dinners and doing the grandma days.
I want you to know that one of the things that you have always done for me is to LISTEN... I remember as a teenager sitting up late around the bar in the kitchen talking, and you listening.  You have always taken time to listen and give positive feedback.  I have felt I could pour my heart out to you because you would not judge or criticise me.  And I always knew that you would encouarage and support me.  Even today when I am almost 46 years old, I will call and just talk.  THANK YOU!
What a blessing to have such a dear mother.:)  I Love you.  Angela

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