Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!!!  Thank you so much for being such a great example to me!  You are always serving others and you are so thoughtful. We love having you live in our basement.  
One recent memory I have is when you cleaned our entire house when we were out of town!!!  That was such a wonderful surprise for the whole family.  
I love coming downstairs and seeing you reading your scriptures.  Your example helps me to want to be a better person. 
Thank you for being so willing to help out with my kids.  It really makes me feel at ease to have you and dad downstairs when Jason and I are not home.
I love you Mom!!! 
Love, Amy

I love how you have grandma day and the food is good and you are nice.
Love, Devin


I love when you read to me and when you give me treats.  I like watching movies with you!  I like to drink juice with you too.  I like to play with you.  I like eating at your house.

Love, Averi

Dear Grandma,

I love playing with legos at your house.  I like having grandma day and making treats.  I like having popcorn and watching movies with you.  I like it when you read to me.  

Love,  Mallory


Thanks for reading to us and giving us treats!

Love, Jackson

Dear Grandma,

I love how you are always willing to serve and babysit my siblings for me. I love how you always share your extra desserts with us.  Thanks for having Grandma day, it is so fun! You are a good example to us by attending the temple often.

Love, Whitney

Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Memories of Grandma

 Dear Grandma, One of my favorite memories was when you gave me that adorable music box for my third birthday. I also love Grandma day it is so fun to make all that yummy food.
 I also love going to the cabin each year and going on hikes with you it is so much fun!!!
 I  remember going to Hawaii that was a lot of fun too.
 Love Kenna
   You are the best grandma! I like to go to grandma day and read good
 books and make good treats!
 Love, Abby

Hawaii 2007

Happy 70th Birthday Mom!

One of the fondest memories I have of Mom was when I was a teenager and I'd come home from school to find that she had cleaned my room!  She is always serving others and has been a great example to me.  I also loved watching musicals with her.  Some favorites were The King and I, Sound of Music, and My Fair Lady.  
I love you so much Mom!  Thanks for always being there for us!
Happy 70th Birthday!